Cottrell, Roswell Fenner (1814-1892)

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cottrell_rfAdventist minister, writer, and poet. The Cottrell family were Seventh Day Baptists who declined the Advent message under the Millerite movement because the Sabbath was missing. In 1849 after hearing Joseph Bates and another preacher present the prophecies along with the sanctuary and Sabbath, Roswell along with his father and brother began a nine-month study of the teaching, after which they accepted Sabbatarian Adventism. In 1854 James White ordained him to the ministry. That same year Roswell published a series of Bible lessons in the weekly Youth’s Instructor.

Cottrell joined the Review staff in 1855 as a corresponding editor and member of the editorial committee, contributing articles and poetry. That year he wrote in support of Ellen White’s prophetic gift, and three years later, in response to Ellen White’s request, wrote an introduction on this gift for her book Spiritual Gifts, Volume 1 in which she related the great controversy vision. He initially openly opposed organization of the churches, but after James White’s articles and Ellen White’s testimonies addressing the need for gospel order, he reversed his position. His poetry has become the lyrics to hymns still sung by SDAs. Other positions he held were president of the New York Conference and chaplain of the Battle Creek Sanitarium.


The Bible Class

Both Sides

Colossians 2:14-17

Mark of the Beast, and Seal of the Living God

Spiritual Gifts


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