Crosier, Owen Russell Loomis (1820-1912)

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CrosierORLMillerite preacher and early teacher of the sanctuary doctrine. Crosier was trained as a Wesleyan minister, and joined the Millerite movement a year before the disappointment. After Hiram Edson saw the explanation to Christ’s failure to return to earth on October 22, 1844, he, Crosier, and Franklin B. Hahn studied the subject of the sanctuary at length, publishing their views in the Day-Dawn in March 1845. Crosier’s later and more complete coverage of the two-phase atonement came in “The Law of Moses” published February 7, 1846 in the Day-Star Extra. This study helped Joseph Bates, James White, and Ellen G. Harmon (as well as others) to begin to grasp Christ’s ministry in the two apartments of the heavenly sanctuary.

An understanding of these phases of Christ’s work provided the foundation of the doctrine of the sanctuary that continued to develop among the Sabbath-keeping Adventists. Ellen White explicitly endorsed Crosier article in 1847 based on a vision the year it was published. Crosier in turn accepted the Sabbath from Joseph Bates that same year, but by 1847 joined Joseph Marsh, and ended up opposing both the seventh-day Sabbath and the sanctuary teachings, endorsing instead the “Age-to-Come” theory. He changed his name to Crozier, and in 1854 began working for the Advent Christian Church as an evangelist in Michigan, where he died years later in 1912.



The Law of Moses

The Sanctuary

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