Fitch, Charles (1805-1844)

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CharlesFitch1843 ChartCongregational and Millerite preacher. In 1838 he accepted the message of a soon advent upon repeated reading of Evidence from Scripture by William Miller. Throughout the Christian churches at large he was well known, and counted many prominent leaders as friends, such as William Lloyd Garrison, Phoebe Palmer, and Charles Finney. After giving up preaching the message due to intense pressure from his fellow ministers, he again surrendered to his convictions in 1841 and became a leading preacher of the advent. To assist in conveying the prophetic message he produced what is called the “1843 chart.” (See Picture)
By January 1844 he accepted the view of conditional immortality.

If William Miller can be credited with the beginning of proclaiming the first angel’s message, Fitch easily was responsible for starting the preaching of the second, as churches began to close their doors to the advent message after the spring of 1844, and the message was given that “Babylon is fallen,” calling advent believers to leave their churches. He fell ill after baptizing new converts in the cold waters of Lake Erie in the early fall, and died but a few days before the passing of the time, October 22, 1844. Ellen White later saw him in vision with the saved.


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