Magan, Percy Tilson (1867-1947)

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MaganPercyTEducator, administrator, and physician. Magan was born in Ireland, arrived in the USA in 1884, and became an SDA in 1886 at the age of 18. After moving to Battle Creek early in 1888, he attended the 1888 General Conference Session at Minneapolis where he first met Ellen White. He lived in her home after the session, and then traveled as an assistant for S. N. Haskell on his trip around the world, 1889-1890. He served as associate secretary of the Foreign Mission Board for two years, then on the faculty of Battle Creek College from 1891-1901. E. A. Sutherland became president of the college in 1897, and he and Magan orchestrated the move of the college to Berrien Springs, Michigan, in 1901 in response to Ellen White’s counsel recommending a location out of the city. Magan served as Dean of the new Emmanuel Missionary College for three years, at the end of which his wife died, her health broken from criticism her husband and Sutherland had endured in this pioneering venture.

Magan and Sutherland both resigned, and following Ellen White’s advice, began that same year the Madison institution in Tennessee, which combined a school with a sanitarium. This first lay-run institution survived due to Ellen White’s support, including her membership on the board of directors, the only instance in her life of such service. While at Madison, Magan and Sutherland both trained as medical doctors (1910-1914), after which Magan was called to be dean of the Los Angeles campus of the new College of Medical Evangelists at Loma Linda. He supervised the construction of the Ellen G. White Memorial Hospital, dedicated in 1918. In 1928 he was elected president of CME, and in 1932 was appointed to the California Board of Medical Examiners. He guided the fledgling medical school through its difficult formative years, helping it to obtain accreditation. He died in 1947.


The Peril of the Republic of the United States of America

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