Preble, Thomas Motherwell (1810-1907)

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PrebleTMFree Will Baptist Minister from New Hampshire. He was disfellowshipped from his church after he accepted the teachings of William Miller. He accepted the seventh-day Sabbath, and later published his views in the Hope of Israel (Feb. 22, 1845), and later as A Tract Showing That the Seventh Day Should be Observed as the Sabbath Instead of the First Day; “According to the Commandment” (March, 1845). This tract was instrumental for Joseph Bates and J. N. Andrews in their acceptance of the Sabbath. By 1847 he repudiated his conviction in the seventh-day Sabbath.


A Tract, Showing that the Seventh Day Should be Observed as the Sabbath, Instead of the First Day

The Two Adams


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