Smith, Annie Rebekah (1828-1855)

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SmithAnnieRWriter, teacher, editor, and poet. Annie was born in New Hampshire. She was converted at age 10 and joined the Baptist Church, withdrawing from it when as a teenager she along with her younger brother Uriah looked and prepared for Christ’s return. After the disappointment she lost interest in Adventism, and became involved in teaching and studying. Between 1844 and 1850 she taught in seven district schools. Part of her training was at the Ladies’ Female Seminary in Charlestown, Massachusetts, studying to teach French and oil painting. She almost lost her vision due to eye strain in 1850.

After a providential meeting with Joseph Bates in 1851, Annie Smith accepted the Sabbath truth, and became newly converted. Her poems composed after this transformation showed, in the words of her mother, how “the whole current of her mind was changed, and nobler aspirations took possession of her heart.” She shortly submitted a poem to the young periodical The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, her first of many. She later joined the paper’s staff in Saratoga Springs, New York, at the invitation of the editor James White, and moved with them in the spring of 1852 to Rochester. The Whites traveled frequently, and Annie at times carried responsibility for getting the periodical published in their absence. She contributed 45 poems for the Review and for the Youth’s Instructor. Due to tuberculosis, she returned to New Hampshire near the end of 1854, and died the following summer at 27 years of age.


Home Here, and Home in Heaven; With Other Poems

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