Smith, Rebekah (1794-1875)

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Early Sabbatarian Adventist from West Wilton, New Hampshire; mother of Annie R. (b. 1828) and Uriah (b. 1832). Rebekah was wife of Samuel Smith, and along with her children believed the Advent doctrine in the 1844 movement. After the disappointment, her children lost interest for a time. She accepted the seventh-day Sabbath after hearing Joseph Bates present it in 1851. She faithfully continued to encourage her children in Bible truth and experience, and was responsible for requesting that her daughter Annie attend a meeting where she met Joseph Bates under very remarkable circumstance, leading to her accepting the Sabbath.

Rebekah Smith has been described as “a lady of culture and fine sensibilities, also of a lively disposition, tempered by her piety” (Spalding). She is best known for a book of Poems that contained her poetry along with some of Annie’s and Uriah’s, as well as a life sketch of Annie. In this sketch Rebekah gave a detailed account of the last months of Annie’s life, showing the care she as a mother gave her dying daughter. She commented, “It was a great satisfaction that I had Annie with me, and that I was enabled to take care of her while she lived.”


Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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