Snow, Samuel Sheffield (1806-1890)

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SnowSamuelInfidel turned Advent preacher. Prior to 1839 Snow was in his own words “a callous and hardened Infidel.” He read a book by William Miller in 1839 and was convicted of the truth of the advent prophecy and of Scripture as God’s word. He for a time joined the Congregational Church, but withdrew to devote himself to the advent message. After studying the prophetic calculations, in early 1844 before the spring date the Advent believers were looking toward, he presented arguments that the prophetic date actually pointed to the fall of the year. He used the Kara`ite calendar to come up with October 22. This became the beginning of the “seventh month movement” that galvanized Millerite Adventism in August, 1844, beginning at the Millerite camp meeting at Exeter, New Hampshire. He published his views in The True Midnight Cry.

After the passing of the time, he attempted setting other dates. He joined with various Advent groups in the turbulent years after 1844, continued publishing, and at one point viewed himself as the modern Elijah who was to act as Jesus’ “Prime Minister” in receiving all power and authority from earthy government in anticipation of Jesus’ soon coming. He never accepted the Sanctuary teaching of the true event of 1844, nor the other truths that the Sabbatarian Adventists were discovering from Scripture.



The True Midnight Cry, Vol. 1, No. 1 (August 22, 1844)

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