The Everlasting Covenant, by Ellet J. Waggoner

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ecwaggonerMany years ago, the writer sat in a tent one dismal, rainy afternoon, where a servant of the Lord was presenting the Gospel of His grace; not a word of the text or texts used, nor of what was said by the speaker, has remained with me, and I have never been conscious of having heard a word; but, in the midst of the discourse an experience came to me that was the turning point in my life. Suddenly a light shone about me, and the tent seemed illumined, as though the sun were shining; I saw Christ crucified for me, and to me was revealed for the first time in my life the fact that God loved me, and that Christ gave Himself for me personally. It was all for me. If I could describe my feelings, they would not be understood by those who have not had a similar experience, and to such no explanation is necessary.

I believed that the Bible is the word of God, penned by holy men who wrote as they were moved by the Holy Ghost, and I knew that this light that came to me was a revelation direct from heaven; therefore I knew that in the Bible I should find the message of God’s love for individual sinners, and I resolved that the rest of my life should be devoted to finding it there, and making it plain to others. The light that shone upon me that day from the cross of Christ, has been my guide in all my Bible study; wherever I have turned in the Sacred Book, I have found Christ set forth as the power of God, to the salvation of individuals and I have never found anything else 

The Bible was written for no other purpose than to show the way of life. It contains history and biography, but these are parts of the Gospel Message.  Not one line is written except to reveal Christ; whoever reads it for any other purpose than to find in it the way of salvation from sin, reads it in vain; studied in the light of Calvary, it is a delight, and things that would otherwise be obscure are made clear as the noonday.

The pages that follow are designed as an aid to all who would look at the precepts and promises of the Bible in their true setting. One line runs through the entire Bible, God’s everlasting covenant. Standing at the Cross, one can see the working of God’s eternal purpose, which He purposed “in Christ before the world began.” The history from Paradise lost till Paradise restored, is set forth as in a panorama.

The author would be the last one to claim that in his book the last word has been said upon the theme of which it treats, or upon any part of it. That can never be done in this world. The story of God’s love can never be exhausted; it is as infinite as God Himself. These pages are designed to be suggestive–aids to further study–but this does not mean that there is any doubt as to the truthfulness of what is here presented; far from it. Further study of this subject will not overturn anything here set forth, but will reveal much more in the same line. This is not said with any spirit of boastfulness, but because I know whom I believed, and have confidence in my Teacher. There is nothing original, and no attempt at originality, only the transcribing of a few of the riches of Christ. If any reader derives half the profit from these pages that the author has in the writing of them, the reward for the work will be ample.

London. Jan. 1900.

Narrated by Raymond Joseph
Encoded by
Divided into Chapters and Resampled by Timothy Turner

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