Waggoner, Joseph Harvey (1820-1889)

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WaggonerJHEditor, author and evangelist. Waggoner was a self-taught man, a printer with a Baptist background who first heard and accepted the Sabbatarian Adventist message in 1851. He became associated with the other leaders in the young church in the 1850s, doing evangelistic work and authoring books while still working at his trade. His book The Law of God: An Examination of the Testimony of Both Testaments in 1854 became the forerunner of the controversy over the law and the gospel that would erupt some 30 years later (Manuscripts and Memories of Minneapolis, pp. 152.5; 304.2; 305.3). He moved to California in 1878 to manage Signs of the Times which he later edited.

Ellen White’s counsel to Waggoner frequently addressed the dynamics of his marriage and his temperament. His wife’s influence was unsanctified and he often was harsh and critical. Ellen White’s greatest challenge as a messenger of the Lord to him was addressing in 1886 the affinity he developed in California to a married woman. He left California for Battle Creek, but geographical change did not equate with heart change. Ellen White continued to work for his deep and full repentance in counsel with the GC president (21MR 380). Apparently the church leaders felt confident of his standing, and sent him that year to Europe to be editor of our German and French publication. He served in this capacity until his death three years later.


Angels: Their Nature and Ministry

The Atonement

Discussion on the Sabbath Question [1869]

From Eden to Eden

Justification by Faith

The Lost Time Question

The Mark of the Beast

The Nature and Tendency of Modern Spiritualism

The Origin and Growth of Sunday Observance in the Christian Church

The Perpetuity of the Seventh-day Sabbath

Positive Institutions

Purity of National Religion

Refutation of the Doctrine Called The Age to Come

Review of a Series of Discourses … on the Sabbath Question

Review of the Two Sermons of Rev. R. G. Baird on the “Christian Sabbath”

The Spirit of God

The Ten Commandments

Thoughts on Baptism

The Truth Found

A Vindication of the Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Unjust

Which Day Do You Keep and Why?

A Written Discussion … Upon the Sabbath


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