Ward, Henry Dana (1797-1884)

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WardHDMillerite. A graduate of Harvard University, Ward chaired the First General Conference of Second Advent believers held in Boston October 1840. The object of the conference in the words of J. V. Himes was “to discuss the whole subject [of “the Second Coming and Kingdom of the Messiah ‘at hand'”] faithfully and fairly, in the exercise of that spirit of Christ in which it will be safe immediately to meet him at the judgment seat.” Ward, then residing in New York City, was appointed at that conference to the Committee of Foreign Correspondence and the Committee of Publication. He published a number of articles and books about second coming topics (such as the millennium, the kingdom of heaven, the Jews in prophecy), some of which were later reprinted by Seventh-day Adventists in church publications. In 1844 he became an Episcopal minister.


History and Doctrine of the Millennium

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