A Call to Stand Apart, by Ellen G. White (A Paraphrase)


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call_to_stand_apart_ellen_whiteA Call to Stand Apart is a first. It is the first Ellen White book prepared by the White Estate especially for twenty-first-century young adults. It also is the first book in which a variety of inspired counsels have been drawn together from various previously published Ellen White sources and the language adapted to reach contemporary youth.

A Call to Stand Apart makes available from selected Ellen White writings the core ideas that deal with important issues faced by youth and young adults today. To help communicate successfully with the potentially large audience of youthful readers, sentences and paragraphs have been condensed and language has been modernized. But every effort has been made to be faithful to the content, ideas, and principles set forth by Ellen White. In no case has the thought in the original been changed.

The 17 chapters of the book have been chosen to address issues faced by contemporary young adults in a twenty-first-century context. Each chapter is prefaced by the testimony of a young adult who has found in Ellen White’s books the inspiration that he or she would like to have others share.

We believe that the principles penned more than 100 years ago under divine inspiration are more relevant than ever. It is our hope that thousands of readers will find A Call to Stand Apart so compelling, interesting, and inspiring that they will go on to explore the deep spiritual riches found in Ellen White’s standard writings. May each reader “catch the vision.”

The Trustees of the Ellen G. White Publications

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